“Paving the way for diversity, equity and inclusion” is an interview series moderated by Noemi Sinkovics (University of Glasgow, UK) and Tanvi Kothari (San José State University, USA) that aims to stimulate discussions on initiatives that bring this agenda forward. This series provides a good opportunity to showcase good practice but also to draw attention to different contexts and the opportunities and challenges that those contexts offer. In this video interview we look at the New Zealand context and zoom in on the Auckland University of Technology’s Eke Tangaroa Maori and Pacific Early Career Academic Programme.

About our three panelists:

Associate Professor Georgina Stewart has a background in education. Her research centres on the nexus between language, knowledge, culture and education and aligns with Kaupapa Maori, feminist and poststructuralist philosophical traditions. 

Dr Nimbus Staniland is Senior Lecturer in Management. She was recipient of an AUT Vice-Chancellors scholarship in 2013 and joined the management department as a lecturer in 2017. Her research centres on careers, work and employment, with a focus on gender, diversity and indigeneity.

Matt (Matevž) Raskovic, is Associate Professor in International Business, Strategy and Entrepreneurship. In his own words, he is an economic sociologist at heart. It is through this lens that he focuses on the intersection of international business and society.




Eke Tangaroa Programme Handbook

Treaty of Waitangi

Kaupapa Māori Research principles

Decolonizing Methodologies