WAIB -Online conference

New frontiers of gender research in international business


            Among the top goals of the United Nation’s 2020 Sustainable Development Goals is the pursuit of gender equality. The UN’s 2020 report noted that worldwide, more girls are attending school, and more women are achieving leadership positions in government, but many challenges remain. In particular, there are concerns about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on female participation in the labor force, and possible regression of gender equality around the world. Gender issues, therefore, remain an important area of international business (IB) leadership.  Moreover, MNEs are now operating subsidiaries in an increasing number of locations, opening their operations to a wider range of cultural norms than ever before, and many of these norms relate to the role of women.and culturally accepted gender roles. Additionally, issues of gender other than the male/female dichotomy have increased in visibility in recent years, including LGBTQ issues, transgender awareness in international organizations, and changing norms regarding masculinity and the role of men in the modern economy. Thus, a deeper understanding of the impact of gender on IB activity and the role of gender in international management is imperative for the field of international business.

            WAIB therefore is holding a half-day conference to investigate gender issues in IB and encourage greater research on gender in the field of IB.  There is no registration fee to attend this conference, and all who are interested in gender issues are welcome! The half day online conference will be held online on May 14, 2021. The format of the conference will be a panel discussing research themes and publication advice; presentations of completed research papers on gender and IB, presented in a seminar style; and a virtual networking/social event. The submission deadline for the papers is April 5, 2021.  Decisions on acceptances will be made by the program committee in April. In addition to submitting your papers, we hope you will also join us for the conference, which will include panel discussions, research advice, suggestions for publications, and a networking event. We have scheduled a networking breakout session, in the hopes of facilitating future collaborations. Please submit your full papers here: SUBMISSION FORM .  Papers must be no longer than 10,000 words, and must follow JIBS formatting and style guidelines.

            Please contact Amanda Budde-Sung, WAIB President, ( or Amir Shoham, WAIB Research Officer, ( with questions.