Meet our Leaders

Our leadership team is responsible for organizing knowledge-sharing around gender diversity and inclusion issues among AIB members, as well as facilitating professional development for women educators in the IB field.

Below, you’ll find background details on each of our team members, our leadership roles and responsibilities, and contact information to help you connect with us online.

For information on WAIB’s previous leaders, please visit our Past Executive Boards page.

Dana Minbeava
WAIB President

Affiliation: King’s College London

Saba Colakoglu

Affiliation: Georgia Institute of Technology

Lyn Amine

Affiliation: Saint Louis University

Tanvi Kothari
Events-Membership Officer

Affiliation: San Jose State University

Noemi Sinkovics
Communications Officer

Affiliation: University of Glasgow

Yingying Zhang Zhang
SIG Liaison Officer

Affiliation: International University of Japan

Stacey Fitzsimmons
Academic Research Officer

Affiliation: University of Victoria

Joan Lilian Ogendo
Chapter Liaison Officer

Affiliation: The Technical University of Kenya

Ha Nguyen Thi Thu
Student Member at-Large

Affiliation: University of Sussex