Malika RichardsMalika Richards, WAIB President (2017-2019)
Professor of Management, Penn State Berks

Dear WAIB Members and Supporters, I am honored to have been selected to serve you as WAIB President for 2017-2019.  During this time, one of my goals is to encourage research on women and gender in international business. WAIB’s Academic Research Officer, Rosalina Torres- Ortega, will support this goal, along with Vice-President, Amanda Buddde-Sung and Student At-Large, Ana Maria Parente Laverde.

Please keep in mind WAIB awards (e.g. Emerging Scholar Award) as you prepare papers for submission to regional and annual AIB conferences.  Likewise, Chapter Liaison Officer, Gabriele Suder, will be recruiting WAIB members to take leadership roles in advancing scholarship on women and gender at AIB chapter conferences through activities such as paper symposiums, panels, and workshops.

A second goal is to expand WAIB’s visibility.  Lyn Amine, WAIB Communications Officer, needs your participation.  Please let her know when you come across research or news articles that would be of interest to WAIB members, so she can post them on our social media platforms.

A third goal is to further the WAIB Helping Hands program, created by WAIB Founder, Lorraine Eden.  This program makes it possible for lower-income female scholars to attend the annual conference.  For this, your financial support is needed.  WAIB Secretary-Treasurer, Suparna Chakraborty, will be reaching out to both institutions and WAIB members.

A fourth goal is to promote research and career networking opportunities among WAIB members.  WAIB will host a networking reception at the annual meeting.  This event is possible only through the financial contributions of individuals and institutions. Please contact WAIB Secretary-Treasurer, Suparna Chakraborty if you or your institution might be interested in supporting this goal.

Related to the above, is my desire to serve WAIB members with our mentoring program, under the leadership of Saba Colakoglu, our Events and Membership Officer.  For this, we will need your help, especially in signing up to be a mentor to Junior faculty.

Thank you, WAIB Officers, for all your support!