Welcome to WAIB

Founded in November 2001, Women of the Academy of International Business (WAIB) is AIB’s first officially established Shared Interest Group. Since then, WAIB has continued to develop and expand its mission, providing new means for promoting research on gender-related issues in international business, as well as supporting the professional needs of women in the field.

Fast Facts

WAIB’s efforts are guided by three main priorities:

(1) Providing a forum for networking among WAIB members

(2) facilitating academic mentorship

(3) promoting research on gender and gender-related issues in international business.

WAIB has a strong presence at the AIB annual conferences as well as at local and regional meetings. Every year, we come together to exchange ideas, research results, personal or group successes, challenges, and exciting plans for the future. We host a members-only reception where we announce WAIB awards, and network and socialize with friends and colleagues. These activities give all of us an opportunity to build new relationships. In particular, junior scholars meet senior scholars and hear their insights from many years of research and teaching. Enthusiasm emerges for new projects, and co-authoring possibilities are discussed.

Women in the Academy of International Business (WAIB) was the brainchild of our Founder, Lorraine Eden, a professor at Texas A&M University. She first conceived the idea at the 2000 AIB Phoenix meetings; the idea became a reality a year later at the AIB Sydney meetings. For a history of WAIB’s early years and some thoughts on possible future directions, please read WAIB – Back to the Beginnings.

WAIB’s leaders have played a vital role in establishing the mission and vision of our SIG. Use the links below to read official statements from our founder and presidents.

Women in the Academy of International Business (WAIB), a Shared Interest Group (SIG) within the Academy of International Business (AIB), is an international organization that:

1) Cultivates a thriving community of scholars to empower and advance women in the field of IB and academia.

2) Facilitates academic mentorship and networking for female and underrepresented AIB members, and among WAIB members and their allies.

3) Actively promotes and supports research on gender, intersectionality, and DEI-related issues in international business, and

4) Recognizes contributions to research, teaching, service, and practice by female academics and/or on gender and intersectional topics in IB.

WAIB is strongly committed to fostering an inclusive, supportive, welcoming, and equitable community of scholars where women can thrive, excel, and contribute their unique perspectives in the IB field and academia. We collaborate with everyone across the gender spectrum, and with organizations and institutions who share our strong commitment to gender equality, working together to effect positive change.

WAIB achieves its mission by empowering its constituents to voice diverse ideas, by providing a platform to access academic networks and mentoring relationships, and by encouraging research on gender and intersectional topics in IB (WAIB Constitution Amended June 7, 2021).

In doing so, WAIB helps AIB enact its principle of inclusiveness to “actively promote equal opportunity, treatment, and access for all. We celebrate and value diversity and strive to ensure that all voices are heard.” (AIB Mission, Vision and Values Statement 2023).

WAIB also supports United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 4, 5, and 8. Its SDG fingerprint includes contributing to:

• ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all (SDG4),

• achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls (SDG 5), and

• promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all (SDG8).

Every action, decision, and activity undertaken by WAIB is guided by the values and principles outlined in this statement.

The WAIB Constitution and Bylaws sets forth clear guidelines for our SIG’s governance, membership, and official meetings.

The most recent, approved version of our Constitution is available for download here.