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Established in November 2001, Women of the Academy of International Business (WAIB) is a sub-group of the Academy of International Business. WAIB has three main priorities: providing a forum for networking among WAIB members; mentoring; and promoting research on gender and gender-related issues in international business. 

WAIB has a strong presence at the AIB annual conferences as well as at local and regional meetings. Every year, we come together to exchange ideas, research results, personal or group successes, challenges, and exciting plans for the future. We host a members-only reception where we announce WAIB awards, and network and socialize with friends and colleagues. These activities give all of us an opportunity to build new relationships. In particular, junior scholars meet senior scholars and hear their insights from many years of research and teaching. Enthusiasm emerges for new projects, and co-authoring possibilities are discussed.


Malika Richards, WAIB President

Dear WAIB Members and Supporters, I am honored to have been selected to serve you as WAIB President for 2017-2019.  During this time, one of my goals is to encourage research on women and gender in international business. WAIB’s Academic Research Officer, Rosalina Torres- Ortega, will support this goal, along with Vice-President, Amanda Buddde-Sung and Student At-Large, Ana Maria Parente Laverde.  Please keep in mind WAIB awards (e.g. Emerging Scholar Award) as you prepare papers for submission to regional and annual AIB conferences.  Likewise, Chapter Liaison Officer, Gabriele Suder, will be recruiting WAIB members to take leadership roles in advancing scholarship on women and gender at AIB chapter conferences through activities such as paper symposiums, panels, and workshops.



Malika Richards

Lorraine Eden


Lorraine Eden, WAIB Founder

Women in the Academy of International Business (WAIB), a networking group for women in the Academy of International Business (AIB), was the brainchild of Lorraine Eden, a professor at Texas A&M University. She first conceived the idea at the 2000 AIB Phoenix meetings; the idea became a reality a year later at the AIB Sydney meetings. For a history of WAIB's early years and some thoughts on possible future directions, please click the link to read "WAIB - Back to the Beginnings."

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